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Others include "Be Nude, Be Natural, Be Happy" and "God Didn't Make Any Ugly Bodies." This is the spot where body-acceptance advocates get naked.

During the cool months, the group gathers for house parties and potluck dinners.

If, you know, they were mistakes, and not deliberate and reckless endangerment of his purported countrymen: The Office of Personnel Management (OPM), victim of a massive data breach [that only came to light] in July in which personal records of [thirty-two] million individuals were compromised [by Red Chinese intelligence], continues to struggle to meet security requirements, according to an audit by OPM’s Office of Inspector General (OIG). “In the wake of this data breach, OPM is finally focusing its efforts on improving its IT security posture,” the report continued.

Figure in the fact that OPM director refused to take the blame or assign any responsibility to anybody in her agency for the biggest enemy cyberbreach ever, and can anybody claim to be even mildly startled that absolutely nothing has changed half a year later?

At this spot you'll also find activist information, answers to frequently asked questions and a section on beach etiquette. In a photo illustrating Avalon in West Virginia, three folks dine formally on soup and white wine. At Hidden Valley Resort in Georgia, visitors are encouraged to "dress up" for Saturday night dances. Guests are discouraged, however, from wearing inappropriate body jewelry that is "not conducive to an image we wish to portray to guests and their children." Fig leaf brooches, perhaps?

The Trade Association of Nude Recreation will point you to 10 U. "Be Nude Not Lewd" is one motto of the Commonwealth of Virginia Naturists.

Another gang that eats food in the nude is the Buffateers of Tucson, Ariz.

Members convene for mixers, trips to "landed" resorts (meaning nudist colonies that own their own property) and other social outings.


[emphasis added] Well, look on the bright side, folks: Since Beijing totally cleaned out the OPM servers, there's nothing left for them to cyberplunder that they don't already have, right?