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Make sure you are connected to the Internet, or reconnect. Choose your wireless network and enter your password.

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Direc TV problems can stop you from watching a huge game, your favorite reality show and lost signals are only the start.

We’ll walk through common Direc TV problems and how to fix them without waiting on hold with Direc TV support or waiting for a technician to show up and fix your problems.

It happens most often on the small Genie Mini receivers.

If you have Direc TV On Demand problems you are not alone, but many times it is an issue with your Internet connection or your home network.

One of the most common Direc TV problems is missing sound or a missing picture.

We’ve missed out on tons of college football games, but there is a workaround.One of the messages is Direc TV error code 771, but there are others that you may see.If you see these error messages frequently it is not likely something you can fix.One of the most common Direc TV problems we run into with a Whole Home DVR connected box is that the smaller boxes don’t always turn on when we press the power button. After you hold the channel up button the receiver should power up and work normally.If this doesn’t fix it you may need to unplug the box from power for 30 seconds and then plug it back in.

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You may need to have Direc TV come out and change the position or placement of your satellite.

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