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If you choose a four-barrel carburetor, make sure it’s equipped with vacuum secondaries and flows approximately 650 cfm.If emissions or class restrictions dictate, then a two-barrel that flows 500-600 cfm will suffice.Although a cam with 330-degree duration may make the engine sound great, it won’t make much torque down low in the powerband.We used a 268-duration cam, which gave us a flat powerband and grunt from 2,000 to 5,200 rpm that pulls like a turbine.2) Don’t overport.

It had to open the valves quickly, raise them high, and then close them quickly without slamming the valve on the seat too hard.The combination of the reverse-dome pistons, stock cylinder heads that were shaved 0.025 inch, and the 0.030 overbore produced a static compression ratio of 9.45:1.That’s just about right for an iron-head street engine on pump gas.Our rings were nothing more than a package with a moly-filled top ring, a cast second ring, and a three-piece oil-control set.That might have cost a little power at 8,500 rpm, but the slight drag at our theoretical 5,200-rpm peak wasn’t worth the rapid wear rate of low-tension rings.

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If passing the smog test is important, this type of camshaft will also be clean when it comes to the sniffer.

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