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This is normally a quick consultation and it actually takes me longer to drive to the specialist (an hour), than it does for them to be seen!It is SO rewarding see these shut down, scared, blind dogs evolve into cheeky little monkeys who run around and act like a 'normal' dog.Some blind dogs will come out for walks on harnesses (they feel more secure on these), but some don't want to, so if you're worried about having too many dogs to walk, then a blind dog is a good bet, as they are quite happy pottering around in the garden.Pre surgery, you need to put one set of drops in the dogs eyes 2 weeks prior to surgery, and I have never had a problem with doing this.

So now we are looking to buy her the gift of mobility, as hers will never come back without some wheels.Post surgery, the dogs can sometimes see blurry things immediately, others their eyesight appears over the next week.You'll know when they can see, they act differently and it's amazing to see the change in the dog.Then we shall need a completely committed dacsy lover to adopt and give her the 24/7 she will need for the rest of her life.WE DESPERATELY NEED FOSTERERS WHO CAN FOSTER BLIND DOGS & TAKE THEM TO A SPECIALIST FOR SURGERY.

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One a Pointer rescued from breeders won a major Agility class at Olympia last night! She is fostering cherish, and because of her love and kindness I see the way clearly now for Cherishes future.