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Facebook graph search online dating

Over time, Facebook turned over all band pages to the bands, and all movie pages to the studios.Before you knew it, posts from these pages turned up in the News Feed, and soon these posts evolved into "ads." This means Sony now fills me in on upcoming sequels right in my News Feed, and when you’ve liked dozens of pages over the years, it all adds up.Graph Search is supposed to help you gather friends for a marathon, find photos taken in London on your last trip, and see which sushi places are most popular among your friends.After a month of testing Graph Search, I’ve found that it’s fantastic at finding people and photos, but not so good at finding anything else. After my first few moments playing with Graph Search I immediately recalled Advanced Search, a feature Facebook dumped back in 2008.Users provide Facebook with plenty of data about where they live and who they’re friends with, but hardly any for stuff they like to do.Ironically, in its efforts to encourage restaurants to advertise on the site, Facebook unwittingly discouraged users from inputting the critical data Graph Search relies on.

People feel good when friends enjoy their recommendations, Stocky says, which will drive many users to list their favorite things on Facebook.It felt like using Google for the first time, seeing tons of data scraped through in mere seconds.All of the information you have ever provided about yourself has been indexed and cross-referenced, accessible with a few keystrokes.One week ago, I received a Facebook message from my friend David.“SUPER random question, but do you know a girl from Michigan whose name is Lauren and lives in Boston? “Apparently she is your friend and Jenna’s friend on Facebook.” I hadn’t spoken to David in years, so I was a little confused.

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The top suggestion is Kumo Sushi, a restaurant known not for its great sushi but for its $32 all-you-can-eat sushi and sake bombs deal.

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