Forcing love dating marrage com

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Forcing love dating marrage com

I think that since the Ten Commandments of God is a given in Christianity, and since a lot of teachings evolve around these ten, we tend to overlook their implications on the other aspects of our lives.

The commandments are not simply laws that identify whether you go to heaven or not.

She went and told her husband, “You’re as smart as my friend’s husband but he makes a lot more money than you do.

Well, at least, almost as smart …” The same husband and wife went to buy groceries and the man saw a lady passed by with a whooping 36-24-36 figure.

It’s important that you show equal love and respect to them. Other elders around you, even if they’re not your parents, must be respected too.

Love your spouse first and that makes you love your children more. “Do not take God’s name in vain” (Exodus 21:7) Cursing and swearing in the name of God is a sin. In marriage, your words and actions must show that you love and are loved by your spouse.Therefore you have to make sure that you make that time. “Honor your parents.” (Exodus ) Commandment number 1 does not give you excuse to dishonor your parents.You must continue to respect them and listen to their wisdom. Your partner’s parents become your own parents upon marriage.The Ten Commandments were an important part of that covenant.Since marriage is a covenant between a man and a woman, we better go back to God’s commandments and discover the ways on how to make a marriage good. “You shall have no other gods before me” (Exodus 20:3) In marriage, not having other gods means putting your spouse as your number one priority.

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My reason was that I could listen to lots of wisdom during discussions, especially in the lesson study when adults throw questions and answers back and forth about the teaching of Christ.