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Just because the cheating takes place online doesn’t mean it’s any less painful. However, my wife of 35 years recently connected to her first love in high school and they moved off of facebook and each set up an email account that only they could access. I saw a string of emails over her shoulder one evening from him dating back to November. And she said it was just harmless "do you remember" stuff. I asked her to break it off and am not sure it has happened or will happen. We are both a second marriage with children between us as well as from the first, but 35 years is a long commitment.Fortunately, like other forms of infidelity, people can and do find ways to move on and find fulfillment in new, or reinvented old, relationships. I said not for three months and getting each other a secret email. I am not sure how much more I can show my love, we are retired and aging but try to stay intimate given her health limitations.Making matters worse was the ease with which the unfaithful partner could deny any wrongdoing as no physical evidence of the affair existed.Perhaps one of the most challenging aspects of dealing with Facebook cheating is that this is such a recent phenomenon.From these stories, Cravens and her fellow researchers identified these 5 steps in reactions to Facebook cheating from discovery of the partner’s infidelity to the decision about whether to stay in or leave the relationship: Whatever the outcome, no one who was a victim of Facebook cheating felt good, a reaction much like that of any victim of infidelity.

While browsing through the web’s many highways and byways, users often find themselves lured onto sites that promise to satisfy their needs—sexual, emotional, or some combination of the two.

Cravens and her co-authors finally narrowed their analyses to 90 “cheating stories” concerning, specifically, Facebook infidelity (rather than other forms of infidelity).

These stories then became the basis for the study’s findings.

One advantage of using the website material as data is that the researchers were learning about real-life experiences from people’s actual lives.

So many times we see studies on relationships, including those that investigate the delicate issue of betrayal, that are based on the responses of undergraduate psychology students to fabricated scenarios (e.g.

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