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Free red deer sex chat

Because of the age difference Ron had always held his true feelings in check, respecting her for being his student and not coming on to her the way some other man might have. It was Christmas, and the lab team had gotten together for a few drinks on the hot, clammy Australian night. "Sure, that would be great but that might just tie me over for a little while and then I'll have to pay it back, and I can't." Ron was quiet for a minute. She went down as low as she could go and then held her head there for a few seconds, sucking as hard as she could, repeatedly hollowing her cheeks against the sides of his shaft, before lifting her head up for air. "Definitely the biggest cock I've sucked in some time" she continued, smiling up at Ron. "I'm sure I'll just be another minute." He answered.It was late and as Ron had biked in, Traci was quick to offer him a ride home. I just need to make sure my bike is safely in the garage before we go." Traci started up her car and leaned over to open the passenger door for Ron. "You could pay me back with sex..." he whispered without thinking, but not expecting her to hear. A thick string of saliva stretched from her bottom lip to the tip of Ron's cock. "I'll give you ten seconds..." she purred and lowered her lips over his cockhead again. We'll miss being home to millions of wonderfully weird and original videos, creators, and fans.If you have questions about your account, please email us at [email protected] If you'd like to hear about it, sign up here for updates. She thought for a few minutes, the car motor still running. Also, when he had seen pornographic movies, he compared well to the oversized cocks of the male stars. And she was sure that if she was sucking some guy's cock, that his eyes would be glued to the spot, his mouth open in disbelief as her gorgeous face impaled itself on the end of his big thick red prick. Ron groaned in ecstasy as she slid his cock back and forth in her pretty mouth. She slid her hands along the sides of her now naked tits as she looked down at her mentor. His wife had always told him when they were younger that he was big by most men's standards and back then she'd always seemed satisfied with their sex. Every now and then she'd stop and slide her palm across the taught head. "You're very good at that." "I'm a pretty girl" she said. You know, you're not alone, other boys want me to do this also." "I'll bet." he panted as he watched her fist move faster and faster up and down his rod, her palm now sweeping lightly across and around the shiny knob of his cock as she reached the top of each upstroke. " he asked turned on by the thought of seeing her stroke another guy's cock. She knew she was very pretty and that guys liked to see a pretty girl sucking cock. " Ron nodded as his sweet little cocksucker started to slide her lips down his shaft, deeper and deeper she took him until she felt the huge head wedge again at the back of her throat. The blonde tossed her hair back over her shoulder, reached behind her back and undid the lace bra, letting it fall silently between them.

Long and shapely, her legs rose up merge with a set of ass cheeks, the making of which God himself had supervised. I apologize." They were quiet for the next 5 minutes or so and Ron figured he'd blown any kind of relationship they had. "I love working in the lab and I'd do almost anything to stay... So, perhaps I'm an idiot for asking this, but what exactly might you have in mind." Ron was like a deer caught in the headlights. The gorgeous 26 year old blonde was actually following up on his flippant remark. Her mouth was tender and warm as she slid his cock back and forth, her front teeth scraping lightly across the distended rim each time it passed over her glistening lips.With a few drinks in him Ron was a little more loose-lipped than he might normally have been. They drove for about 5 minutes before Traci spoke up. I've got something I need to talk to you about." He looked over at her. But this time the gorgeous blonde did not take him deep into her throat but just dragged her front teeth repeatedly back and forth over the sensitive distended rim, just like she was nibbling on the end of a candy bar.He could tell she was having difficulty getting it out. Ron grunted and started to thrust his hips uncontrollably back and forth as the sexy blonde worked her lips back and forth around his knob. "There really is a side of you I knew nothing about." She smiled. Traci licked her red glossy lips, stared intently at his swollen cock. "Just pull the straps down over your shoulders." "Like this" she asked, doing as he requested, her beautiful young tits jutting excitedly over the fine lace rims.Traci's eyes glazed over as she sucked hard and fast on her professor's cock.

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She'd remembered sucking her last boyfriend off and how as he got close to cumming that he'd asked her to use her front teeth on his knob, to scratch them hard across his thick rim.