Guinness world records speed dating

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You are officially amazing." Strong Social Media Presence The event witnessed a significant social media burst with hundreds of posts and check-ins throughout the night on the Paktor Speed Date Night event fanpage on Facebook.

Paktor's Founder and CEO Joseph Phua commented, "The strong online presence of the Paktor Speed Date Night is an example of how Vietnam's youths are highly tech-savvy while socially engaged in the real world: A rare and valued characteristic that presents Vietnam with a bright future." A Paktor Music Festival The record-breaking speed dating event was followed by Paktor Music Festival, a rocking party which celebrated the new speed dating world record.

Paktor Speed Date Night was witnessed and adjudicated on site by Mr. He shared, "Today, we broke the record for the largest speed dating event...

(Photo: (Photo: (Logo: Set The Bar High Paktor Speed Date Night broke the previous world record by a narrow 20 participants, although more than 600 singles came to take part in the event.

Many participants were disqualified due to technicalities set by GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS(TM).

we did have to disqualify quite a lot of people because they did not fill in the forms correctly.

But I'm glad to say that today, Paktor and Sagiko managed to bring 484 (qualified) entrants together to speed date, which is a brand new GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS(TM) title.

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