Hardcore chat rooms

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Hardcore chat rooms

If you’re still interested in the wonderful world of chat rooms (or perhaps you just have a hankering to return to the days of IRC), then you might like these web apps that bring chat back to your desktop.

These apps are targeted primarily at those of you who set up websites, but they may be interesting to those of you who don’t, as well.

You know, it depends on the technology infrastructure provided by the telecommunications providers.

It's something that we'll be constantly evaluating and looking at.

If you’re familiar with the PHP interface, then php Free Chat may be of some interest to you.

In short, it’s an open-source, AJAX-based chat server that can be implemented in your own website to create your own free chat room.

want something a bit beefier than what php Free Chat has to offer.

Well, there’s always addon Chat, a Java-based chat applet that incorporates quite a few features that take us back to the golden days of online chat rooms.

As a note, the code for is entirely open source, so you may be able to modify things a bit.In many of the BNET threads their are usually several people talking about how Blizzard is going to add things like chat and cross realm soon.Hopefully the people will see that the full interview has a lot of new info.Back in the early 2000s, our online conversations migrated to the world of social networking.Instant messaging, and commenting served as the new mode of online communication, and chat rooms came to be seen as unpleasantly tacky rather than commonly useful.

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There are no current plans for it, and if you're a European player and you've got friends that are in another region that you want to be able to connect with, we definitely want to support that. So I need to buy two clients, that's what you're saying? With the whole divide thing, though, Australians have ended up with the south-east Asia region.

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