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Liquidating 1113 collective bargaining

If the Department of State refuses to file a document delivered to its office for filing, within 30 days after return of the document by the department by mail, as evidenced by the postmark, the domestic or foreign corporation may: Appeal the refusal to the circuit court of the county where the corporation’s principal office (or, if none in this state, its registered office) is or will be located.

The appeal is commenced by petitioning the court to compel filing the document and by attaching to the petition the document and the Department of State’s explanation of its refusal to file.

If the Department of State refuses to file a document, it shall return it to the domestic or foreign corporation or its representative within 15 days after the document was received for filing, together with a brief, written explanation of the reason for refusal.

If not otherwise provided by law and the provisions of this act, the Department of State shall determine, by rule, the appropriate format for, number of copies of, manner of execution of, method of electronic transmission of, and amount of and method of payment of fees for, any document placed under its jurisdiction.

The person executing the document shall sign it and state beneath or opposite his or her signature his or her name and the capacity in which he or she signs.

607.08401 for custody of the minutes of the meetings of the board of directors and of the shareholders and for authenticating records of the corporation.“Shareholder” or “stockholder” means one who is a holder of record of shares in a corporation or the beneficial owner of shares to the extent of the rights granted by a nominee certificate on file with a corporation.“State,” when referring to a part of the United States, includes a state and commonwealth (and their agencies and governmental subdivisions) and a territory and insular possession (and their agencies and governmental subdivisions) of the United States.“Treasury shares” means shares of a corporation that belong to the issuing corporation, which shares are authorized and issued shares that are not outstanding, are not canceled, and have not been restored to the status of authorized but unissued shares.“Voting group” means all shares of one or more classes or series that under the articles of incorporation or this act are entitled to vote and be counted together collectively on a matter at the meeting of shareholders.

All shares entitled by the articles of incorporation or this act to vote generally on the matter are for that purpose a single voting group.

The matter shall promptly be tried de novo by the court without a jury.

The court may summarily order the Department of State to file the document or take other action the court considers appropriate.

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Answers to interrogatories must be full and complete, in writing, and under oath.

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