Prayer for couples dating

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Prayer for couples dating

It has been used for centuries and is being used by millions of us today.

It is probably the most effective prayer I am aware of to rid yourself of all demonic spirits that may have been given permission to enter your life.

If in your past or your families past, you have had familiar contact or personally interacted with anyone or anything that was demonically influenced you could be under a demonic oppression of some kind.But I wouldn’t try to second guess the wordage too much.Feel free to omit the parts that you are positive not apply to you.A healthy relationship with the Lord is the solid ground upon which we stand when conducting spiritual warfare. I guarantee you —- that YOU ARE NOT THE EXCEPTION to God’s love and protection.Although many of us need to pray the Deliverance prayer in order to clean house first. In the hands of any honest person, with a repentant and surrendered heart, one can truly see the mountains be moved. Dear Lord, I confess that in the past through ignorance, curiosity, foolishness or wilfulness, I have disobeyed your Word.

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If you are seeking good, biblical information and teachings on Spiritual Warfare and/or Deliverance I have written a complete handbook to help you.