Watch blind dating full movie

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Watch blind dating full movie

I knew quickly Paul wasn’t really my type, although I was more than happy to give it a chance.He is such a lovely man, and we chatted and laughed the night away ... The restaurant was gorgeous, however, and the food was amazing — I had duck parfait to start, followed by a steak and then a chocolate bombe. In fact it was a perfect evening, except for the lack of frisson. She is smiley and chirpy and gave off a really good aura, and I thought we got on really well.We were eventually evicted from the restaurant as they were closing.

My life is very busy with work, fitness and my kids who I have every Saturday night through to Monday morning.

Because I am a bit shy, loud and overpowering girls would put me off.

But then one-on-one I consider myself very caring, and I like to have a laugh and joke around, in a nice friendly way.

I’ve never been on a blind date and it was certainly surprising how much I enjoyed meeting a total stranger over a meal for a couple of hours.

It was very relaxing and we chatted about everything, such as our kids and holidays.

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My ideal partner would be someone who is independent who enjoys travel, but is comfortable in their own skin as I am.